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This image really appealed but I wasn't sure what it was about. It was made in Florence. A statue and the texture from a wall. The high drama for a lot of the renaissance art struck me. They didn't mess about.
Rather than shoot multiple exposures in camera, I combined the image and the texture later. There where too many tourists about getting in the way to get both shots in real time. A hard light blending mode did most of the work, producing the fiery colour unexpectedly.
Looking at it now I think it is about the time in my life when I was caring for my late wife as she dyed of breast cancer. The heat of that battle, the clock, the battlements, pillars of wisdom?, all very relevant and all in the image made by the camera. The strength of the grip, the holding up, the despair, the surrender, the arm extended heavenward, the breast were it started, are all part to that time.
None of that was in my mind at all at the time I pressed the shutter release, but again this turns out to be very relevant for me now as I review some of the vows I made to myself at that time which no longer serve me, some of the blocks that make up the very strong arch I built to support us at that time.
The use of a camera as an insight tool continues to surprise me.


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  1. Love it Tim.
    The “heat of the battle” story comes through loud and clear. There is tension, passion and despair.
    Interesting that this story was waiting to be told in an area full of tourists. I’m sure that the original renaissance artist would be delighted that you have seen your story in his art.

  2. Very beautiful, Tim. Fabulous use of texture and colour. Well done.

  3. The combination of image and your interpretation Tim are a wonderful example of why this site is so inspiring. The image is very powerful but so much more so with your words as texture behind it. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Tim, after seeing this image, I went straight to your aGathering gallery. There is a connection from the first to the last (perhaps your 3 trees from last post do not join so clearly), but there is something that binds them all together. I can’t put my finger on it, but intuitively I sense a thread. I’d love to sit down over a beer and dig a bit deeper some time.

    • Hmm interesting. The tree trees post was from a few years ago but the others where all shot currently. I,ve got a few themes I’m working on at the moment. But often our images happen independently of our conscious thoughts. We should get together for that beer.

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