Reflected Light 39

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Jan 032012
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This image is a companion to my previous post.  I was playing with some images that I had taken of light shining through coloured glass beads.  Instead of shadows I was looking at wonderful patterns of colour which changed as I moved the beads.  I was wondering how I could capture this light and yet be able to see its shadow, even though it presented no shadow, only beautiful colour.  I don’t quite know how I got to this image but it fascinates me, I get a feeling as if I am looking at cave paintings and I think of how earliest man tried to capture images of what they saw.  It makes me think about what is there in the absence of light, out of the void where did the light come from, if we are cosmic representations do we shine with light or do we seek to destroy it, do we need both versions of light – its presence and its absence.  So many questions from such a simple image.

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  6 Responses to “Reflected Light 39”

  1. Very interesting. It’s like you have cracked through a masking cover to reveal a primitive truth beneath. Interesting that the forms revealed look organic , alive. It appears that life is made up of light and dark.

  2. Last comment was mine.

  3. Interesting, very interesting, I see so many different things in it, it is primal & a little scary but that is good. Well done great image.

  4. I also get the feeling of tearing back a cover and peering down on something profound.

    I would love to see a series of images like this

  5. To me it looks like it’s been created by flame. I want to peel back layers and explore the light at the end of the tunnel behind. Very interesting indeed.

  6. Do you know what I found one day when I did a photogram of my crystals in the darkroom ? …The light came out of them like smoke trails; I was flabbergasted and ever since then I’ve been fascinated by what light does, how it bends and stretches and illuminates. This reminds me so much of my photogram and the connections with cave paintings and their simple way of recording sit well. I agree that a series would be great to see.

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