Hand on Fence

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Dec 272011
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Photography is about telling a story or I should say that is what we are trying to do. Producing an Image that the viewer will spend time looking at, that holds there attention, makes them think, that is my goal, something that will last the test of time, that holds it storyline for generations to enjoy. That’s the hard bit about photography, but no one said it was going to be easy did they.

“Hand on the Fence” was taken while I was in PNG working, it was a case of keeping your eyes open for the potential of an image that might work. I think this does, for me it tells a story of a hand on the fence but what fence, where, when & why. What do you think?

Remember we are only as good as the images we took last week. Look at lots of other photographers work to give yourself a greater database of ideas.

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  1. We spend a bit of time in PNG diving. This image certainly resonates with me. Png while one of the great wild places on the earth has many levels of barriers for those who live there. The question is , is the owner of that hand inside or outside the fence? Tim

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