Reflected Light 2

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Dec 242011
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This post was going to be a simple one without any in depth commentary on it.  I wanted to post it because because I just love my response to it.  But applying Ferg’s approach it got me thinking and I wanted to explain where this image has come from, I think it deserves an explanation.  I have been intrigued with light.  What is it ?  What is its inverse ?  How deeply can I look into it and if I could what would I see ?  So I’ve been exploring light and playing with what I capture and enjoying some of the technical magic that we have at our fingertips.  I have named this image Reflected Light because I was watching the sunlight reflecting from the surface of some water and onto the wall.  The result you see was something that I did not expect at all, it is one of those wonderful “Let’s play !!” moments.  Enjoy.

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  1. Thank you for the explanation – again, the value of this website is in the sharing of not just the why, but the how and what as well. Understanding a little of the background allows us then to go away and apply the principles in our own way, furthering our own creative stretches. It’s easy to take too lightly the way we work and think that others would not necessarily be interested. Merry Christmas Pauline!

  2. Light and texture make a powerful combination.

    This is another of those images that I turning and viewing another way up. The story changes each time I turn it.

    • Ian, I got so focused on seeing this particulare image in this way that I never looked at the possibility of turning it in other directions, and I agree, it creates a different impression when you do that. Thanks for that.

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