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Like something out of “Pirates of the Caribbean”….                                              

In 1893 the steamship SS Dicky was washed ashore during a cyclone on what is now known as Dicky Beach, which is north of Caloundra on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.  With a crew of 11 and 40 tonnes of sand (don’t ask – I have no idea!) it was initially refloated, but beached again.  It was used for local dances until it was accidentally burnt out by a toppled kerosene lamp.  Now it serves as a magnet for photographers!  There is even a little website about how to photograph it, which I found when I was researching it, today.

While on holiday recently, I saw it mentioned in a tourist brochure and we made a brief visit late one afternoon, on our last day in the area. 

I can’t help thinking of it like the ghost ship that comes out of the water in the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean”.  Actually, I’ve seen lots of possibilities in it – a ribcage (stabbed obviously!), an open mouth showing decayed teeth, mountain ridges above a fiord.  But with the water swirling around its ‘timbers’ I prefer to think of it as preparing to launch itself into the wide blue yonder.

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  1. I love the curl in the wave which for me makes this picture about the sea more than the wreck. I can picture it as the sea throwing back the remains or conversly drawing back the wreck as it tries to eecape.

    I had a look at the “how to photograph” website. Interestingly noone had seen this the way you have.

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