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Dec 222011
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I remember sitting having a coffee and sensing something coming….

I grabbed a camera, went outside and was immediately aware of an unnerving silence. Every living thing was holding its breath and waiting.
Around the side of the house and I could see it approaching from the south. A huge and particularly angry looking frontal cloud was heading in our direction. The light seemed stronger and made the contrast between now and what was obviously coming our way even greater. It was almost as if the sun was cranking up the intensity to get in a last bit of influence.
The horses in the paddock had all huddled together and faced downwind.
The trees reached out to each other supportively and their collective strength grew.
When the first blast came it was nearly all wind with only a small hint of the rain to come. As it hit, the trees appeared to relax and go with the flow. It was a Ghandi style passive resistance – “do your worst, we are together and we are strong” they yelled.
Then the serious rain started – too much for me so back inside…..

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  4 Responses to “Southerly”

  1. Lovely, just goes to show us all you should always have your camera with you just in case its required. Lesson learnt thanks Ian.

  2. Ian, I’m so impressed with what ALL OF YOU have created here. This is a great place to soak up some energetic collective consciousness!

  3. Thanks for your comments Mary Jo, Im so glad that you are enjoying what we have to offer.

  4. it’s the story which helps you see the fine rain approaching and helps you feel the wind blowing in your face…- great shoot, nicely painted picture.LOVE IT! keep up the good work guys

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