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Dec 212011
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To be a true photographer, you have to be a bit crazy, so you go places, put yourself into situations and see things that the average photo-tourist wouldn’t. Recently I undertook a “photographer’s journey” through Mexico, Cuba and two small volcanic islands in the Caribbean, Statia and Saba.

One day in Havana (I love saying that) it started to rain heavily. All the photo-tourists scattered for cover, but I just knew this was the right time to get into the right place. I hadn’t come all this way just to sit in a hotel with a Mojito waiting out the rain. So I put a plastic shopping bag over my camera, tore a hole to poke the lens hood through, and headed out onto the flooding streets. No coat or umbrella, the rain was too heavy for that, so I was getting totally soaked. But then these two lovely ladies came towards me, turned the corner and wow……..

I’m delighted that this won a PSA Bronze award at the Finland International Digital Circuit.


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  5 Responses to “Yellow Umbrella – Paul Willyams”

  1. I love this image, Paul – the lines, the yellow, the water …. It’s great to hear what you went through to get it too! Shows true dedication to your art.

  2. Paul, this is one of my favorite images of the entire year. The award is well deserved, but I suspect this will have a place of honor on your own wall for quite some time. I look forward to seeing more flashes of brilliance like this as your journey continues.

  3. Lovely image Paul. You have really captured the feeling of the moment. I, like Dave, thought it was one of the best of the year. Keep up the good work.

  4. Great story and image, a lesson to us all. Thanks for sharing it with the community Paul, it’s wonderful.

  5. Absolutely beautiful….mellow yellow and friendship…thank you for sharing this image it has brightened my day..makes you want to skip through the puddles.

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