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Dec 192011
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Who knows what the future will bring.

Painting, writing, poetry, music and architecture influence my picture making as much as other photographers do. In an effort to stem the swift and narrow linear arrow path of my thinking a very dear mentor suggested that instead of seeing the world in terms of Frank Lloyd Wright, I spend some time with Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

My first reaction was “whoooo?” And then the Kawakawa toilets were mentioned. As always, the book was purchased and I started stretching my vision to include Hundertwasser's magical fantasies; learning what a treasure to humanity he was as an artist, architect and environmentalist. We were lucky to have him choose New Zealand as his home for many years. Many of his amazingly organic architectural designs were accepted for construction and can be seen around the world, including New Zealand.

His influence has helped me loosen up, broaden my horizons and have the courage to start breaking out of the restraints of conventional thinking. Today I made my first Hundertwasser tribute. If I was looking for realism this image would have been after Frank Lloyd Wright but there was a transformational element at work here; taking the straight lines, industrial detail and softening, rounding and making a moving, ever changing picture. Water. The ultimate transformer.

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