Incoming Tide

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Dec 162011
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It never fails to amaze me just how different we all see things………                                 

As has previously been posted by my partner in crime on this day, Ian, this is my version of the much photographed old pier at St Clair beach.
To me, a local Dunedin resident, this is an image I see everywhere but to be honest this was the first time that I had ventured down to photograph it. Ian was a keen as a wee lad on Christmas Eve and it seemed like a great idea to me so after a great meeting about getting this site up and running off we went to the beach.
It was a lovely Dunedin late winter day (that's local speak for bloody cold) as we wandered down the beach and initially there was nothing that even looked like and image in the offing. A pause and a bit of “inner thinking” sorted that out and off I went.
The thing that struck me the most was the power with which the waves were hitting the poles, these have been here for a great many years and it's hard to see just how they have survived. Testament to the people that placed them there and also the strength of the wood.
The waves were enveloped the posts in such a unique pattern it drew me in and, wet feet aside, I couldn't escape their grasp. The waves started to develop a distinctive formation and I had the feeling that they were playing music to me. I captured this image, it's in no way original, after all every photographer that has ever spent time in Dunedin has photographed these but it is MY version and in some way that does make it unique.

We can only convert what we see through the camera to what we feel about what we see and this is the only way we can successfully show our uniqueness…………

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  1. Does it matter if it has been photographed a thousand times before – it is our own unique way of seeing that is important AND how we feel about the item we are photographing – then what we say and what people see that we said – and even if it has a great composition – which both your and Ian’s images have. Maybe the repeated photography of an item might even make it “iconic”

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