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Dec 142011
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My favourite mare had a black colt foal. I adored him and had made wonderful plans for our future in the competition arena.  One day in his second winter he was missing when I went to check on the horses.  The horses winter over in a large paddock of over 70 hectares filled with pockets of native bush, a deep gorge, streams and steep hills with a sheltered basin.  There was a ferocious winter storm blowing, the sleety rain was horizontal and it was cold.  I looked for him for two days in atrocious conditions not wanting to think he had slipped into the inaccessible gorge.  Finally I realised I had to stop and listen to my instinct, all the logical searching hadn’t worked.  In my heart I knew the rest of the horses would know where he was so I sent a silent message to them to show me and they walked to the edge of some native bush and stood quietly there.  When I walked a little further into the bush I found him unable to escape from a loop of supplejack vine that he had stepped through, he was very dehydrated and cold.  The vine had cut into the joint of his hind leg and the covering on the vine has a toxin in it which had entered the wound.  It took two years of intensive nursing to heal him.  We never competed but we do ride together.  The lesson I learnt: Trust your inner knowing and allow room for what you need to enter your life.


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  1. Well done letting your heart take control, listening instead of hearing seeing instead of looking, letting nature talk to you, it is a wonderful experience. I once had a huntaway that I had from a pup & we had a connection that was different, we could somehow, I dont know how but communicate in some form, we had a great connection,it is hard to explain. Love the image & happy to hear that you were able to ride the young colt.

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