Birches at Night

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Dec 122011
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Funny thing but since I have been photographing trees I see interesting trees and groups of trees all over the place.

A key to making a successful image is to make the subject trees stand out from the background. That way the image shows them as I see them. In this case shooting at night and illuminating the birches separated them from their surrounding much more than they appear during the day.

I have also noticed that different types of trees seem comfortable in different environments. Birches, for example, are often to be seen in small groups. Oaks or Willows don't mind standing in a paddock all alone as a shade tree. Pretty much all NZ native trees look lost when out by themselves. Even a small stand of native bush seems to be longing to be part of a bigger forest.

The exotics have obviously got used to being bossed around by humans.



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  1. Funny thing but since you told me you were photographing trees I see interesting trees and groups of trees all over the place, Ian! There are some very interesting opportunities for you on the Sunshine Coast!
    I do like birches – especially when they’ve lost their leaves. They’re so skeletal, which you have captured perfectly with your lighting, though the purplish tinge to the fine branches does give them a ghostly effect too. Nice one.

  2. I am always overawed by your tree images Ian. There are millions of trees in the world – and many of us have been photographing trees for many years. AND there are more different images of trees than there are trees in the world I am sure. My tree images, in Hanmer especially, date back to when we arrived here in 1991. But I think that modern processing allows us to be more creative with the final output than before. Or maybe just faster! We do all see differently and that makes the world such a wonderful place.

    Thank you for posting this one – I think it is fantastic – definitely over the edge of the world.

  3. “that is very cool, it looks like a witch has put a spell on those trees” – Hannah, my 7 year old and very perceptive granddaughter. Thank you Ian, love this work.

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