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When I was young I had the most incredibly vivid & colourful dreams about rolling meadows and ‘quaint little villages here and there’. I had constructed a multicoloured England I had never visited and certainly never seen, grainy images of a certain street in Manchester was my reference point. These dreams did two things to me however. They sparked a travel bug that I wasn’t able to realise until my late 20s, but they did give me the desire to capture the world around me, in art and photography. Ever since then I’ve been chasing these images in my brain.

This photograph is as much about this chase (which continues today), as it is about the physical journey to foreign countries my kids have experienced many years before I was ever able to. We’ve travelled with our kids since they were quite young, a passport many would be envious of, certainly the ‘me’ of 1970s NZ couldn’t even begin to imagine.

This isn’t the pretties picture I’ll ever take, certainly not the most technically astute, not the iconic foreign beach or skyline of our travels, but it sure as heck is my boys to a T. After a very long day being dragged all over Manhattan, pondering where to head to for dinner (Pizza or Pizza). I had my iPhone out about to take a pic of the boys in Central Park, to send instantly to the Grandparents back in NZ, when all of a sudden they started goofing around singing the Beastie Boys, ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn’, doing their best white boy rap. I was about to get angry that they wouldn’t just pose for Granny. Of course I’ve taken countless pics of my boys, but I don’t think I’ll ever take such a spontaneous pic of them that so perfectly expresses their awareness of their surroundings and their personalities.

Who knows what images of the world they have inside their heads, I’m guessing not the rolling countryside of Surrey, but I think this pic goes a long way to giving us an insight.

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  2 Responses to “Beastie Boys – Paul Le Comte”

  1. What a great capture of the boys. Its way more than the usual “kiddy” photo, its says a huge amount about there personality and attitude and, knowing them, reflects them perfectly. Just the way a portrait should be. Well done.

  2. What a great image Daddy, thanks for sharing and I would normally say joining the aGathering community but really you were already a huge part of it!!!

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