Dec 092011
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I had made up my mind to revisit the lake. The Universe had other plans.

So I sat and wrote. And noticed the tree shadows on my book. And on the other trees. And on the forest floor. So began a train of understandings about the connectedness of everything and about ways that knowledge could be shared without saying a word. I began to see stories in the shadows which flickered and moved and faded in and out like old time silent movies. They brought to mind primitive (? in who's eyes?) cave rock drawings. Subsequent research brought to light the dendroglyphs of the Chatham Islands (thank you Sue Dobson!) where it is suggested that that the carvings were to commemorate ancestors or communicate with otherworldly spirits and I began to see a work evolving.

In making this work above, the possibilities for the transfer of the information went way beyond the photograph, or conventional ideas about the photograph. This concept is still unresolved. I have the panels of handmade harakeke paper, I have experimented with emulsion transfer using an out of the blue donated copier but there is still a long way to go before I can bring into reality my vision of this piece. More practice Grasshopper.


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  2 Responses to “Te Kete TuaAtea, Te Kete TuaUri, Te Kete AroNui”

  1. This is outstanding – the image and your story.

    Thought provoking, mysterious and haunting.

  2. Did you ever find the lake???

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