Boy with the curly hair

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Dec 072011
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Another one of those in my head images, Ok shove your head in this bucket of water, lift your head out & shake your head, where your hair ends up is where I will photograph it, this is just one of a series, a lot of fun for the boy & me.

I love the chaos of the hair but the face has an intensity that intrigues me, there is a youthful wisdom that comes only from being a child without the distraction that comes from being an adult.

It’s all about trying to capture that moment of emotion in the face, as it happens not a Nano second before or after, but the precise moment, capture that moment in time that will last for a lifetime, that is the goal as artists we should aim for, the capture that lasts the test of time?

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  4 Responses to “Boy with the curly hair”

  1. Im not sure what firewater causes those thoughts in your head but it works!! You are dead right about that brief moment when the perfect expression exists. You know it when you get it …. and you know when you just miss it.

  2. your right about the intensity. A strong image.

  3. eye contact is spot on – and definitely “in your face” – well crafterd, Scott

  4. Thank you, Scott. I think you’ve described perfectly my photo of Nancy. A moment before or a moment later and we would not have got the image.
    And what a great shot of the boy! To me his look is questioning … “How’s this?”

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