From Below

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Dec 062011
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Nature gives us many glorious things, most of which we take for granted on a daily basis.
The sky and more precisely the clouds that are within it often can be the most menacing things you will ever see.
The question is ………”What do they know that we dont?”.

They are above us looking down on our every move and just how we are methodically going about destructing the planet that they have looked down on for eternity. They have seen just the lack of concern that the vast majority of mankind have for the gift that we have been given. They know just what is coming even though we take no great notice, maybe we should.

As a child I would look up at those clouds and imagine alien beings floating within them plotting the destruction of our planet, (a few too many SiFi movies upon reflection),  maybe I wasn't to far from the mark but that clouds aren't hiding the destructors of the planet but reflecting them back down to us like a mirror.

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  1. I like the visual metaphor of fire and smoke and the words.

    They could also be hiding Ian driving his bus to Australia.

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