Decision Point

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Dec 052011
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There are times when we are at an intersection, where we have choices.

Part of the “arch” body of work I'm working on. Where arches represent structures we build in our mind. Bricks stacked in such a way that they support loads above us.

Here they define our choices.
Some will be roads that never return here.
Other paths don't go through arches.
Some lead upward.
There are doors that could be opened with the right key.
Shuttered windows out of reach.
Manholes below.

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  3 Responses to “Decision Point”

  1. This is my favourite of the three.

    My eye wanders around the picture taking in the things you allude to in your words. However I am drawn back to the steps by the extra contrast and find your pensive figure contemplating a choice….

    • It is Interesting how these things work out. This image was made a couple of months ago on our Italy trip. I was drawn to the arch theme and decision theme at the time but didn’t realize that it was going to be very important to me now. Thats pretty much where I am at at the moment. The arch concept is very useful to me. I realize I built a very strong arch to support looking after my late wife Trace through her illness and death. The bricks of that arch, vows and beliefs, are not needed now. So I’m going through a demolition , rebuild process. Interestingly the steps going up don’t go through an arch.

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