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Dec 042011
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All my life I have been passionate about horses.  My parents will bear testament to that statement and provide evidence of worn out and splayed broom bristles from using the broom as a horse and riding up and down the pavement, or  absconding with sawhorses and tying cushions on them for saddles and positioning them around the lawn so they could graze.  I have observed horses in detail and love it all.  They have beautiful tails and use them so expressively.

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  1. Beautiful, I would hang this on my wall.A horses tail will tell you if they are happy or not, I spent 10years working with horses on High country stations & fell in love with them, Mother natures best work I believe. Hoe you have more of these images, full of emotion. Well done

    • You get to see another image in my next post, I thought I’d better restrict myself after that, there’s nothing worse than someone passionately boring others.

  2. How could you ever “passionately bore” us with work like this! Stunning.

  3. I like it too. I,d love to see the set together as a body of work.

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