If you go down in the woods tonight…..

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Dec 032011
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Not a teddy bear in sight.

It was a bright sunny morning, on the bright, stony Hurunui riverbed.  While my fellow photographers in the main seemed enthusiastic about the water, wild flowers, stones, photographers and most everything else that did or didn’t move, I couldn’t get motivated.  I eventually wandered back towards the cars and finally my eyes lit up!  Beyond the cars, where we’d driven down to the riverbed, was a grove of scruffy, young birches.  I played with slow shutter speeds, out of focus images, over-exposure, under-exposure – all with the view of using an image as a background, or foreground, to something else.  I simply had fun.  Time flew as I played.  Far too soon I was being bundled into the car and off to our next playground.


It wasn’t until some months later I selected one of the bright exposures from the day and overlaid it with this angry image of my son (just pulling faces for my benefit).  He thinks it’s funny.  It was certainly fun for me to create.

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  1. I find it interesting that the “in camera” phase of making this image has very little to do with the final result. It seems that your thinking at the river was to have fun and explore. With your son it also sounds like a game.

    The camera has become a data collection tool.

    Yet at some later time your creative brain comes up with this picture which describes something that is within all teenagers. Still looks like a teddy bear pretending to be angry to me!!

    • Yes I’d be interested to know if some of the teenage angst was going on at the time.

      • No angst, Tim. It was all for show! Just after this he had a beautiful big smile – which I wasn’t supposed to photograph 😉
        I can’t now remember what I had done to be ‘worthy’ of his time – I was working on some ideas and asked for his help as a ‘model’. He simply produced the expressions I asked for. It only took a few minutes, but I must have done something pretty special for him to so generously share his time with me!! 😉
        It was fun for me, though I was probably a little on edge because I never know when the ‘generosity’ will dry up. And for Andrew, the smile told me he was happy, but there was an aspect of tolerance too.

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