Wedding Dance

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Dec 022011
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This is my nephew sweeping his new bride off her feet during their wedding dance.

I had the privilege of being the “official” photographer at their wedding and I had a ball. Having done a handful of these I once again found it a full on experience where I learned that I knew less than I thought I did. I have huge respect for photographers who do this week in and week out to run a successful business.

Everyone is pleased with the results and I am proud to have produced a set of images telling a story that will be remembered for many years.

Looking at the pictures I have been thinking that it is really in this sort of image that photography excels. Many other art forms can convey feelings and ideas that we tell of in “arty” photographs but only photography can express the fluid emotions on the faces of happy, or sad for that matter, people.

I am reminded of an often quoted whakatauki

He ahu Te meal Te ao?
He tangata!  He tangata!  He tangata!

What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people!  It is people!  It is people!

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  1. Wedding photography is a challenge all the time, I do a few weddings & you are constantly thinking, exposure , composition, lighting, enough card space, how to make the shot special, trying not to miss something, I just done a wedding in Waimate & I was exhausted at the end of the day, but I love the challenge, I also beleive it improves your photography.

  2. Very nice image Ian. I like the energy and spirit of the moment that you have captured. Lens baby seems to be especially good for that at weddings. I’ve only done a few for friends but the lens baby shots end up as some of the best and they all have them as their Facebook profile picture so they must go down well.

  3. Ian you are quite correct in that it is images of people which we need to create and keep and share. Michael asked me to do his wedding photos in September 2010 – but not to go to ANY trouble! I tried to get images of everyone who was there AND that enabled me to move around and actually enjoy the wedding while I chatted to everyone. The images turned out ok too fortunately and create a great memento of the occasion in a “paper” album. Not just a virtual online one. As you say it is a lot of work but well worth it for all concerned.

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