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Nov 282011
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My last post was an image of the containers arriving on a ship on 29.08.2011. This is a mere two months later, 29.10.2011, when over 25,000 people came to look at the first shopping precinct to open in what had been part of the red zone. And that precinct was built with shopping containers. We knew it would be quite a while before new buildings would go up in the CBD in Christchurch after the February earthquake and so we came up with a plan using relocatable containers so they can be shifted once the landowners are ready to rebuild.
29.10.2011 was incredibly moving day for me and the others in the Re:START project because the public were so enthusiastic. The retail staff in the ‘shops’ were on a high because the public were so excited and positive.
For me, the thing I learnt from the project is that if all the team buy into the vision, and you work in true partnership with all parties without the need to stroke egos, you can achieve what nearly everyone else say is impossible. For those who took part in the MBI (Make Better Images) workshop you will recognise this – start with WHY, move to HOW, and see WHAT you get.

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  1. John, I think it is very uplifting what has happened in Christchurch with Re:Start and you should feel very pleased with your contribution. It gives me a good feeling about life ahead when I go to these container shops. All so bright and cheerful so thank you for helping to make this happen

  2. Once again well done john and your team.

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