Waiting for the Storm

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Nov 272011
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For about 10 years I worked as a high country musterer, living in huts just like this one for up too 2 weeks at a time, you come to love these sanctuaries of comfort or not as being a place to rest your head after along day in the mountains chasing the flighty merino wethers.
I came across this hut while doing a 4wd trip through a remote central otago glen, suppose it should be a valley but it reminded me of a glen so glen it is. I just had to get an image of it , when I spied it the image started to evolve in my head, how I wanted to see the print look, I wanted my voice heard, the print, so I worked my way back from this point & took a series of 4 images, with my ever patient wife in the doorway looking fed-up.

Got the images home & a little bit of magic on the computer, this is the final image. Finally I am starting to get out of my adult way & let the child play.
A wee poem by Jay Maisel:
If it doesn’t excite you,
The thing that you see,
Then why in the world
Would it excite me?

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