The Healing

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Nov 242011
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“Embrace the questing spirit that dances the story, paints the excitement, writes the dream and lives the song that is your own. You are the keeper of your story, the architect of your journey, the dream and dreamer, the maker of the map that is your life.”


Over the past 18 months I have been involved with using my horses to help youth at risk from drug abuse or relationship problems. It has opened my eyes to other worlds that we normally don’t see. The horses bring to the process a unique ability to draw to the surface issues that the individuals need to address if they want to implement positive change in their lives. It is a fascinating dynamic to observe at work. This particular horse is the alpha mare and I wanted to try and capture that unseen energy that she carries with her and uses to help people see into themselves with greater clarity.

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  7 Responses to “The Healing”

  1. Thats a great thing your involved in Pauline. Full admiration to you for trying to make a difference. If we all do one small thing, hay presto the world is a better place to live in.

  2. Horses are natures most amazing creature I believe, I spent 10 years playing with horses on various sheep stations using natural horsemanship methods, they taught me so much they helped me become the person I am today, if you let them in & give them the love & respect they deserve they will be your best friend forever no questions asked.

  3. Stunning.

  4. beautiful image showing an other worldliness about the horse. My dear friend Glenda sent this to me, wonderful x

  5. I have been doing some photography for the Christchurch riding for othe disabled over the past couple of years so I know exactly what you mean regarding the spirit of horses. Wonderful image

  6. Wow Pauline, just when I think you can’t stun me any more you do it again. Wonderful post and amazing image!

  7. I keep coming back to your image, Pauline. It’s ghostly, but it makes me want to run my fingers up through the flowing ‘energy’ and pull them back through her mane and coat. She’s so alive. Thank you for sharing.

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