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Nov 182011
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“Two months to build a shopping precinct!”

Some of you know that Re:START has consumed (overwhelmed) my time this year and crowded out time for anything else, including creative photography. But I have made a record of progress. I went out on the pilot launch to record the arrival of the 64 containers that made up the raw material for the shopping precinct. This was on 29.08.2011. The image in my next post will be the finished shopping precinct using these containers, opening ONLY two months to the day after the containers arrived in Lyttelton, on 29.10.2011.

It has been an incredible privilege and humbling experience to lead the project. There are so many people who made it possible, but special thanks to Anton and Jason from Buchan Group Architects and Anthony Leighs, Mark and the rest of the team at Leighs Construction.”

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  4 Responses to “Containers”

  1. Huge well done John.

    A major step in the right direction

  2. I agree very well done. To actually get something done in the current climate is huge, huge , huge.

  3. It is very comforting to visit the Re:start shopping preinct and inspires confidence. It has helped to reduce the fear to be able to see so much brightness and hopefully stability in a city which still shakes. Good stuff John and you should feel proud to have been involved.

    Powerful image too with its size and balance well in view – and not toppling at all!

  4. Yesterday I visited Cashel Street and was very impressed at what you have all worked to achieve for us all in Christchurch. So good to have somewhere to go other than a mall:-)

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