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Nov 172011
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Having fun with your photography is an important facet of creating images that you like, this was an idea that I have been constructing in my head for a while, it was a case of image harvesting, getting the images together to create a little bit of art.

The kitchen was taken with 6 different images at various exposure setting, then changed into HDR, I added the lady & little guy afterwards, I saw them as a past family living in the house. I like the feeling I have achieved with this B&W image.

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  1. Scott, I’ve come back to this image time and time again and the more I look at it the more fascinated I am. At first I wasn’t sure about the transparency of the figures even with the idea of their ghostliness but it’s precisely that effect that has had me coming back for a second, third and fourth look. When I recall what it is reminding me of I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’d love to see a whole series of this work in the same style.

  2. That was me above Scott, wouldn’t let me put my details in at the time for some reason. 🙂 Jenny

  3. Thanx Jenny, I intend doing a whole series of theses style of images, I just got another one completed today. They are fun but take alot of mind space to construct. The master of these is Dominic Rouse, check him out.

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