Stairs, going up or down??

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Nov 162011
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Stairs, they lead up, they lead down but sometimes we don’t know which direction we want to travel.We all strive to have a direction in life, a goal, a reason for being in fact. For some this is easier than others. Some don’t realise that their direction or reason for being is being fulfilled right in front of them and therefore are unaware the impact they are having on people around them. We all, in some way, have an effect on the lives of everybody we meet, it may be huge or minuscule but none the less an impact. I believe I am a result of a part of everybody I have come in contact with and hopefully over time as I travel through life the small piece I take from everybody I meet makes me a better person, I certainly hope so.I also hope the small part I leave behind is of some assistance to each and every person that chooses to accept it, if that is so my life has been worthwhile.

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  1. For what it might be worth Ferg, you have made an impressive impact on my life. Without you I wouldn’t be making these posts and relishing the challenge laid out in front of me now. Go Ferg I say !!

  2. The small problem that exists, Ferg, is that we usually don’t see the footprints we have left behind and don’t know about the impact we have made on others. We do know that it happens, because during our lives we often remember people who have gone before us and who have impressed or helped US and caused us to change directions in life. AND sometimes, there appears out of our distant past a person who thanks us for the positive difference we made to them along our life’s journey. Of course we don’t usually hear about any negative impressions from our feet.

    Your words are very psotive this post.

    AND I very much like the composition and balance and contrast in your image.

  3. I agree with Barbara, recently I went to visit a dear old friend & I met a young man I had not met for many many years. He is now a renowned musician in fact all the family are, My wife asked him if he remembered me & he returned with a photo of me from the family hall of fame, he said how could we forget Scottie he was our hero & inspired us to be musicians. Another life time for me & a very humbling response for me. I think some of us are here to help & through our lives we met, interact with people who grow into successful individuals with our help .That is all of us, we dont always know we do it but most of us DO

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