Ripples in our Lives

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Nov 142011
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This image progresses from the “Ruatiti Water” image in that I had been thinking about how I have been afraid to express what I would like to create, for create I must, it is my allotted task. I have always liked the analogy of putting your finger onto the surface of water and watching the ripples it creates moving away from the finger, hitting another object and returning to you, and how that compares to what we put out into the world and how it comes back to us, be it good or bad depending on the original intent. My reaction to this image was initially one of consternation as I thought that there must be many, many people in my life all putting their fingers in the water, creating their own ripples, interacting with mine, confusing mine. How can you possibly make sense of all those interference patterns? A little more contemplation and the answer came back to me. The only ripple you need to concentrate on is your own. If the intent is pure, if you walk with your own truth, if you are seeking to develop compassion and love, understanding and wisdom, then the ripple that returns to you will be the ripple you need to continue flowing like the river. Onward and upward in the next turn in celestial time. “Ah, Grasshopper, perhaps you begin to understand.”

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  1. Yes Grasshopper the ripples of life can come back many years later to visit your life & take you onto the next celestial journey, photography is about capturing the ripples that come into our lives, if we keep our eyes open, the goal is to capture the ripple & for others to feel the emotion we felt, to produce a lasting image?

  2. Yes there is allot to be learned from observing ripples and interference patterns. Something I,m interested in . Check out for some of my sand ripple images and thoughts.

  3. oh ho ho Pauline, we seem to have so many meeting points it’s uncanny and as time goes on less and less surprising! I love this and have a twin to it but the intensely distinguishing feature of yours is the depth of the thinking behind it. Thank you for your wise words 🙂

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