The Neighbourhood Watcher

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Nov 132011
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For security, they say, your best defence is a nosey neighbour!

I couldn’t very well ask my 77 year old father to hop up on his six foot fence to have his photo taken, so I created a bigger challenge for myself …. to get Mum to agree to his standing on the kitchen bench! I promised to clean it afterwards, which sealed the deal.

It’s not Dad’s favourite portrait – a combination of looking down at me and the HDR processing has made his skin look more wrinkled and saggy than it is, and his enlarged head does make him look rather gnome-ish, but he’s a good sort and tolerant of his little girl having fun at the expense of his beauty.

GIMP (a free tool that offers most of the features of Photoshop) is my weapon of choice for image editing. Five images, and a lot of patience, were used to create the combined image, which I then processed with a free HDR tool – qtpfsgui.

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  3 Responses to “The Neighbourhood Watcher”

  1. Cool! I seldom see HDR images that I like but this really works. With your manipulation of the proportions it makes it like an illustration.

  2. The picture always makes me smile. Its partly the great story it tells and partly Im imagining your Dad standing tolerantly on the kitchen table not 100% sure what he has let himself in for…

  3. Classic Vicki. You had a good idea and carried it to the edge. Love the detail. He may think he looks saggy and baggy but it’s that very essence that makes this such a great shot.

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