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Nov 122011
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I was organising a selection of this years images into a collection. Not a “greatest hits” thing but a set which would hang together.

Studying the pictures I asked myself what it was that made them work as one. The common elements were simplicity and symmetry in the design. Then I kept browsing old files and found this image. I had processed it in the field on my iPad but then had forgotten about it completely. When my brain was thinking simplicity and symmetry it just leapt at me.

“There is a post in this” I thought. So I tabbed out the background on the monitor and just sat with the picture to make some notes for this post.

I could comment on how simplicity and symmetry often combine in my work to be elements of my STYLE. Hmmmm.. if I can define my style then that is a huge step…….


BUT as I looked at it longer the picture seemed to be telling me that I was on the wrong track. “Look at me” said the picture “I am a Channel Marker, I am a guide and I am not a place to stop!”.

So style is not a place to stop nor is it even a destination…… it is the journey. Ideas, revelations, insights and even tools or techniques are the channel markers that keep us moving.

Thinking of channel markers I concluded that it important to understand how to use them. Firstly you aim towards but not AT a channel marker. After all if you hit one it will cause just as much damage as a rock. Secondly, although many are similar, don't expect all of the channel markers to look the same. A new and different one can lead to a new and exciting part of your journey.


The main conclusion I came to is that if you wish to find insights from art, then the very best art to study closely is your own……

This picture has served me well and will find a place on the wall.

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  2 Responses to “Channel Marker”

  1. I also see space and freedom in this image. Simple yes; markers yes; but we can move easily through the image and as you say, don’t have to crash into the marker. It is valuable to stand back from a set of images made over a period of time and see what they are saying as a group – something we should all do and you have set me thinking . . .

  2. Very Nice! Fits nicely with your other misty images. Although the distance is misty and uncertain by steering from marker to marker you can navigate safely I also think it is wise to think of the image as serving you. A channel marker in itself.

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