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Nov 112011
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This is a special image for me of a very special place, Laphroaig is a famous Scottish malt Whisky hailing from the Isle of Islay off the west coast of Scotland and it was my Father’s favourite, a very peaty smoky flavour to it. He loved it so much he became a 'Friend or Laphroaig' which means he is given title to 1 square foot of land that Laphraoig takes the peat for smoking from on Islay. 

You're allowed to visit your square foot of land and on your visit you are entitled to receive a nip of Laphraoig in return for the use of 'your' land. It's a fantastic thing and really is quite cool. Unfortunately dad was never able to visit his square foot as he lost his battle with bowel cancer in 2007. We contacted the people at Laphraoig to let them know and they were very very nice, I told them that one of Dad's wishes was to have visited and that he had joked that he would love his ashes to be there, I didn't think too much of it but they instantly said they would be honoured if we would consider it. We did, and the family all travelled to Islay to dad's plot of land which had been marked out by the team there with flags and rope. We made to feel so welcome and so honoured, I can never thank them enough and so as I say, this is a very very special image for me as it very much says lots about that day and Dad.

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  11 Responses to “The Distillery – John Watt”

  1. A wonderful shot. Thanks John for sharing your memories of this special place.

  2. Whisky tasting features in our home so when we got a chance to travel in Scotland a couple of years ago we visited the Glenfiddich distilleries. On the way home from a lightroom workshop in Wellington the other week I called in to a restaurant for dinner and they had Laphraoig on the drink menu. How could I not say no – just one though cos we know the rules. So John it’s timely that your post has appeared to remind me of my whisky connections.

  3. For you, like me, whisky has a meaning more than just a lovely way to tickle the tastebuds. It brings back memories of our past and I see no better reason than that to enjoy it!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this lovely image with us John. I is so appropriate that this image that must bring back so many great memories of your Dad was posted on Remembrance Day 2011.

  5. Lovely image lovely story I too am a fan of laphroig. My brother and I have a tradition of drinking a little too much when we get together. I got me thinking that images like this are very important for families and future generations and that it is important to archive them with their story so that future generations don’t loose the story.

  6. Laphroag is the only whiskey we drink at our house. It will take on a greater signifciance now I have read your story. It is very emotional when you commit the story to go with your great moody and very peaty image, John. Just like the whiskey. Thank you for sharing

  7. Hmm, a nice theme developing here…let me see, first anniversary of the website, several of us liking Laphroaig, lots of memories to talk about…. it should be a grand wee evening in the deep deep south. Looking forward to it

  8. Thanks John. Lovely…

  9. As some of you will know I like a wee dram, sometimes a few toooo many!
    I lived on the Island of Jura for 9 months & spent alot of time listening & smelling the Atlantic, Islay whiskey always gives me the feeling of being back on the wild west coast of my home. I intoduced several American friends to Laphroaig when I was on the ice & they loved it, I am thinking its time for a wee sit in the saddle & a wee shot o Ardbeg, yum

  10. Love it – the image, the story and the whisky!

  11. Hello John, although I’m not a whisky drinker, this image brings back memories of my homeland. Thanks John.

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