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Nov 102011
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Also known as Theresa, and coincidentally my lovely wife. This is a portrait taken about three years ago but on my mind now because we are literally half a world apart (at the moment of writing this anyway). I am in the USA visiting my mom and Theresa will be arriving a week later due to work commitments. While being happy to see my mom, enjoying a massive dose of home cooking and lucky enough to catch up with some old friends, I wish she was here to share it all with me. Yeah, I'll see her in 6 days and I'm not incapacitated without her presence, but it strikes me just how much I enjoy her company when I do not have the privilege.

I had been thinking a bit before I left about “the little things” she does that drive me crazy sometimes. Theresa is physically incapable of closing a drawer all the way. She also struggles mightily with turning the window latch to a fully engaged position. I catch myself wondering out loud, with some annoyance in my voice, why this is the case. There are a dozen other things that I wish she did differently, just as there must be a hundred things she wishes I would change.

The last 12 months of my life have been slightly overcast with the shadow of death. Nobody dear, but people within a close enough proximity to stop and make me think. Two people from work. An earthquake victim. Parents of friends. This shadow has made me think about what reaction I would have if I lost T in an unexpected manner such as I have seen too often this year. I have not dwelled on the obvious grief or the unavoidable changes in my life because there is no point trying to “prepare” for those. Strangely, what I have found is that I look at the slightly open drawer or her slippers inexplicably in the middle of the hallway with a fondness instead of frustration. For surely 12 months down the track I would break down in tears at the sight of a drawer slightly ajar.

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  1. Well said Dave, I go through these thought patterns at times myself about Kerrie, my patient other half, they are such a part of your life it is hard to think of things without them.

  2. Yes isn’t it amazing the silly little things that annoy us with wonderful “other halves” but when we are apart they those little things just seem so insignificant! This is a lovely portrait and the light on T’s face is superb.

  3. Love you honesty in your write up – we all have the same little nuances that we have to put up with – or cherish.
    Excellent portrait, with the lighting to perfection, the slope of her shoulders, placement of hand, and the eyes are captive.

  4. Interesting isn’t it, it would take some serious event to the ones we love to make us realize that the little things that we let bother us, to get in the way of the potential of our relationships are truly not important, and in fact an endearing reminder of how unique that person is. The trick is to keep reminding ourselves of it before we let the ego speak. This portrait of T has a lovely gentle connection with you as the photographer. I love the lighting.

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