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This is a signature image for me. Those who know me can guess that I could go on about it’s significance for an hour (boring you to death).

To save you that, here is the bullet point version of why it is important to me as symbolizing many aspects of life’s journey:

- To grow as a person we need to move forward and upward as in walking up stairs

- If we go backwards we usually go down as well

- It is never constant or smooth – plateaus and steps up

- Sometimes we need help or guidance (handrail)

- Sometimes we can go a different route (side handrail)

- Sometimes it is clear where we are going (well lit part of the stairs)

- Sometimes it is not very clear where we are going (darker part of steps)

- Etc, etc.

I think I am honest in saying I make most of my images for myself more than to show others. So posting here is part of my journey. Part of becoming more aware. That could be scary!

PS: I think if Tony Bridge ever came across this image he would remind me, as he has before, that life is more of a spiral. While that is true, I like the edginess of the image as well as its symbolism.

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  1. The first response that sprang into my mind was “ascension” – I agree entirely with your comments about what it represents to you John but I am also in Tony Bridge’s camp with life being a spiral. Our little earth bound minds like to think in a linear fashion like your stairs but we are often asked to revisit lessons we think we have learnt in the past. Just to make sure we’ve done our homework I’m supposing!! Any image that makes me take a breath has said what it needs to say, and your image has done that for me.

  2. I understand and agree with everything you say John. Life is a collection of little steps always progressing forward but not always at the same pace.
    I guess you will be out looking for a spiral staircase now!!!

  3. someone once said to me that life is like a greasy pole – the more you tyr and climb upwards the faster you slip backwards – is that true or false – or both at various times ???

  4. I like the fact that you get so much from your own image.

    A composer knows his own score better than anyone who will interpret it, a painter has seen her canvas inch by inch. So, although art is meant to be shared, the artist who creates it can learn the most from the work.

  5. Very very strong image. Wow. Have you printed and hung it?

  6. Architecture can be so beautiful; this for me is a very restful image in its simplicity,structure and illumination. Your words are a good reminder of the way our photographs can talk to us.

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