Loving Couple, Why

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Nov 072011
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Had this idea in my head for an image that was both LOVING & BRUTAL at the same time. Had this friend who I had photographed before & had a lot of Tattoo’s, he came into my head as the perfect person to use in this image, he also had a girlfriend who had as many Tat’s as he did & was into alternative images.

I e-mailed them with my idea & it was all on they were keen, using a friendly make-up artist we went for it. I used a combination of Natural light, continual lighting & Fill flash to get the effect that I wanted. Using some good computer programs, I am happy with the finished image.

I spent a lot of time working the image out in my head, story booking it, step by step, lighting, poses, lens, aperture, frame of mind I wanted them in. Basically I had the final image & worked backwards.

I like it?

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  4 Responses to “Loving Couple, Why”

  1. I look at this image and know that I am seeing a well crafted work. It compells me to look more closely at the detail then to step back and notice the subtleties in the lighting and then the eye roves again and you notice the layers of meaning in the poses, the detail in the clothing. I love it too.

  2. Well concieved and crafted. It takes things another step to build a whole image from your imagination rather than recording a moment in events that are already happening.

  3. I have to agree with Tim here Scott; you’ve done a huge amount of work behind the scenes to create an image from the mind’s eye. The value of craft is very apparent. Thank you for the lesson!

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