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Nov 062011
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Turmoil, or more precisely inner turmoil effects us all from time to time. I made this image while away on the West Coast and it seems to sum up just where I was at that time feeling like I was being dragged this way and that and not really feeling that I had any control about what was happening to me. We have had a complete change in direction since the February earthquake and it is taking both Carol and myself quite a bit of time to get to grips with just what has happened to, not just ourselves, but all the people we know and care about.To be among a group of Cantabrians and to see the change in character as a result of the February shake somehow gave me inner peace that what we had been going through, thou tragic, was quite normal. It had been a life changing event and the only way to deal with it was to carry as best as you could.With new direction comes new challenges and new beginnings an exciting time for sure, who knows where it will lead but I see smooth water ahead.

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  1. We all gain an inner strength from survival and after the trauma and change we grow stronger and better (like a rose which is pruned and transplanted) – but it is often the change which is traumatic and it takes time for us to settle down. I hope to see some gentle flows in your images in the future, Ferg.

  2. I like the image Ferg. I am always amazed how we make images, ( or are we given them), that tell us about ourselves or our enviroment at that time. The whole reason we have this sense of the arts I think.

  3. I see quite a lot of turmoil and energy in your work at the moment Ferg, not just this one. Something is brewing and I’m sure what rises to the surface will be pretty amazing!

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