Ruatiti Water

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Nov 042011
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Over the last couple of years I’ve been thinking about the things that I am afraid of and how that impacts on my life. The most helpful thing for me in addressing this issue, so that there is a positive outcome from it, has been to explore it through the creative art of photography. I am afraid of water so I am currently exploring it and in the process examining the feelings it brings to the surface and the reactions I have to my images. When I made this image I was sitting beside the river watching the water surging over the rocks and thinking about how the solid rock forms a barrier against the flow but the water folds around the rock and continues on its way. The rock remains where it was but the water has moved on. Its journey will take it through more of the beautiful valley I was in, it will endure the hand of man through discharge of waste, it will reflect the sky above in all its myriad moods, it will flow into tranquil pools, it will be merged with other waters flowing into it, it will meet the great oceans that embrace our world. It will be gathered up again to begin its journey afresh, circles of time in part of the eternal seasons. It is like us. So, who am I more like, the rock or the water?

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  1. You are all the way water Pauline. Always progressing finding your own way through the rapids ahead and on the way past suppling life to those that you touch.

  2. You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you – Heraclitus.

    Everything flows, nothing stands still.

    Scary isn’t it! But exciting too.

    Your image is a great reminder for me.

  3. keeping on with a desensitisation process is very helpful to all of us. Using your photography to help you cope and overcome your fear is a fantastic way to recover and overcome problems. I am sure you will get there and create some wonderful images in the process.

  4. skips and leaps of joy as well… I see both your fear and your joy in the water here. I love the way you have processed this, giving the water a sense of steel – of endurance and resilience amongst the lightness and movement. Maybe it talks more of you than you realize.

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