Nape Nape Beach

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Nov 022011
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I had never heard of it.

At an evening looking at pictures I saw some stunning images made at Nape Nape. “Where is that?” I asked.

“Only an hour or so north of Christchurch – you must have driven past it”. Yes I have driven past it countless times but have never even noticed the sign.

So plans were made and camera bags packed…

We managed to navigate the gravel back roads without the help of a GPS and arrived at the beach in the early afternoon. The tide was out.

At the southern end of the beach is a headland with a large white cliff-face and to the north the rugged shingle beach seems to go on forever.

Nape Nape feels like the beaches north of Kaikoura that travellers on State Highway One gaze at from their air conditioned cocoons . Only more rugged and more personal.

There were couple of seals basking in the sun and numerous piles of washed up kelp scattered along the beach. There were also a number white rocks, that had fallen from the surrounding hillsides and now sit like statues on the stony shore.

Chiselled by the waves and still wet from the last high tide, the rocks shone and glistened in the sun.

I sat on one of the rocks and just listened to the sea. Being surrounded by the hills and the headland it was like a stadium where the waves were the players and the sounds echoed all around.

So Nape Nape is the place to come to watch and listen as the sea speaks.

It is also a great place to come and listen to your inner self.

Only and hour or so north of Christchurch…. Ill be back.

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  1. Good stuff Ian. Thanks for sharing since I had no idea either (but I’ve only lived here 8 years). I call shotgun the next time you head up that way!

  2. Would have loved to join you there Ian. This intersection of land and see holds much fascination for me. I love the toning you’ve given this. The staunch and solid rock carved over time by the lightness and feather of the water. Yielding.

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