Te Korowai o Papatuanuku

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Oct 302011
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Slow exposure captures the cabbage tree creating a Korowai, the mantle that covers the earth.

The creation stories have loomed large in my learning over the past two years, not just those of our own country, but those of my heritage too. Part of learning to know who I am. Gaia, Earth Mother, Papatuanuku, call her what you will, but in many cultures the Earth has a parallel in woman.


We have ripped the mantle from her in so many places that as I wind my way back into Te Urewera each week it is incredibly reassuring to see the thick rainforest protecting her, to see so many ancient trees soaring above the canopy of regenerating growth. And I am always reminded of Tane and his clothing of Papatuanuku after her separation from Ranginui. Of the Whakapapa of the land, the trees, the birds, the ground dwellers and the sea dwellers. Of our need to sustain her that she can sustain us.

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  4 Responses to “Te Korowai o Papatuanuku”

  1. Of course I love this image, as you would have known when you posted it.

  2. I looked at this image by turning it and viewing it each way up. It works beautifully all 4 ways. Each view for me shows a different flow of the energy within the picture. Stunning!!!

  3. Beautiful image. I really like what you have seen in it too. powerful.

  4. Just so peaceful, there’s something about this image that has a strong pull for me. I would really love to see it printed (and on my wall :-)).

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