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Oct 292011
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What do we see when making images?

Walking Disneyland with my wife and two grandchildren I saw the concrete whale. What caught my attention was the bright, clear glass eye in a somewhat boring and tired whale sculpture made of cement. But when I zoomed into the eye region I realised that there were interesting curves in that area. Although I have glamourized the image some old rain streaks still show through.

Thought 1: the eyes have it! They tell us, when we look into them, so much about a person. But just as I noticed the shapes around the eye of the whale and the rain streaks, so we subconsciously are also aware of the area around someone's eyes.

Thought 2: as photographers we are constantly reminded of the difference between looking and seeing due to the power of the mind – the mind's eye. We see what our attention is on. When we are considering buying another car, all of a sudden there are many more of that sort of car on the road. How we channel or control our attention is the secret. More on that in later posts.

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