Dorothy Falls

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Oct 282011
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I say the log in the river & thought to myself that it would make a good image with the waterfall in the background, Values stay with us for our whole life, they are the things that we decide really matter & give our lives meaning.

Photography to me is a value. I give value to the constant observation of life & the willingness & motivation to record it. I also give value to teaching & sharing my knowledge. We all have our own values, whats important to you? What do you care about? What are your goals, what are you working towards. Goals are made & when achieved crossed off & other goals as set My goal is to make images that last the test of time & to give them life where you can smell the blood in a Black & White image

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  1. A good point about values. I have looked hard at what things I value most highly and they came down to two things really: Truth and your word. I think we should operate in our world with truth in all things, live each day as truly as you can, honour the relationships you forge with the truth you bring to them. Say what you mean and mean what you say – just like in Dr. Seuss’ story about “Horton hatches an egg”, I love that tale.

    • Pauline, I agree totally, if you put the truth into your image it will tell of where you have been I what you have seen, have the image take you not you taking the image

  2. I am sure we have all heard that comment that “the camera looks both ways” – so our images do tell the world about what is inside us. I don’t think that we can ever get away from that even if we may not be able to read everything in the image. Other people will tell us what they see and feel.

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