Power of the Ocean

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Oct 272011
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This image was made at the mouth of the Grey River in Greymouth. There are fishing boats going in and out of this opening every day and I just can’t imagine how that must feel and I assure you I will never be finding out. I now have a lot more respect for fisherman and will NEVER comment on the price of fish again. It got me thinking……….Do we really have any understanding at all about the power that is within nature. I looked at these waves hitting the headland for about an hour and with every wave I had the thought that I just couldn’t believe how powerful the waves and ocean are. It wasn’t a rough sea really I’m sure it gets worse here.I was photographing from a position beside a monument for fisherman that hadn’t made it into harbour. I’m surprised there wasn’t more of them, says a lot about their skills as sailors

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  5 Responses to “Power of the Ocean”

  1. Wow Ferg! This is amazing 🙂

  2. the power of water – probably the sad reason that many fishermen and boaties drown. Your monohrome conversion is well done

  3. Well Ferg, you know how I feel about water and the airy fairy way I photograph it, I go for the light touch and you’ve got the power in your shot. Awesome. Isn’t the eye of the photographer so amazing that we all treat a subject in our own ways, all valid and all reflecting how we respond to the stimulus. I love this art form.

  4. The more I see it, the more I like it. Stunning shot Fergus. Even more so because I was there when you shot it and never saw it like this.

    • Welcome to the club David, I too have been standing alongside Ferg looking at the same thing as him and he comes up with a breath taking shot, literally, and I’ve seen nothing there.

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