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Oct 262011
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A study of place.



By standing in one spot and framing multiple exposures of the place where I am, at that moment, I seek to capture a more holistic view of that place, at that time.

The layering happens in the camera, in the moment, and therefore influenced by the energy of the place. The results are not particularly controllable so that leaves room for other subtle influences to have their effect on the image.

The layering of textures and detail interest me in the way they add to the richness of the image. It really needs to be seen printed large to fully appreciate this level of information. While I am sure a graphically stronger image could be achieved by layering separate images in photoshop, in a controlled manner, I am really looking for something else… that magic insightful component.

I am just experimenting with this technique at the moment but think it has great potential.

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  4 Responses to “Whakapapanui”

  1. Yes, it is the magic that we seek. I like this image Tim, I love to look at the layers that are there that our eyes at first can’t see. Looking forward to more

  2. Awesome Tim, I really love what you’ve done here. It’s interesting that you’ve done it with film because it does limit the influence of the rational mind after capture.

    • Hi Jenny. I did shoot this with digital but as a multiple exposure. So made in camera. Nikons do this and for some unknown reason canons don,t. The multiple thing is something I do a bit. I like making the image in camera part. As you say it allows the camera to capture the truth of what’s there without the mind getting in the way to much.

      • Haha Tim, of course. My Canon brain made assumptions based on inherent limitations! I keep coming back to sit with this image. I just love it; the texture, the colour palette, the sense of time and place intertwined and the interactions you’ve introduced; and particularly the fact that you’ve introduced the magic of a moment. The concept of multiple exposure here is still the same whether film or digital and something I don’t know whether I could replicate using the C word. Because I have to do it in post production, no matter what I do there will be a level of intervention from the mind that can be avoided doing this in camera. I wonder if I can use photoshop with my eyes closed?

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