People Propagation Phase 1

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Oct 242011
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Propagation begins with the tissue of a healthy specimen. I do hope the human race remains fertile!

Having purchased another of my works that featured hands, a hand therapist asked if I had others. I did not, so I offered to create something. As I stood in front of her and clasped my hands, almost as if in prayer, they moved apart, to flower, to grow. She was enthusiastic about the concept. I first thought to plant the hands in a vase, but a pot was much more appropriate. And a series of three showed the different stages of growth. What started as a ‘light’ image became dark as I played with various lighting effects. Recognising that this was too ‘dark’ for her clinic I created a lighter version for her, which she loves. Note: no humans were harmed in the creation of this image.

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  2 Responses to “People Propagation Phase 1”

  1. Vicki, I keep returning to this image as its creativity and what it represents has amazed me since the first time I viewed it. I am fascinated by your visualisation processes. I think it is a great shot

  2. As I see more of your work coming through I’m loving seeing the variety of what you’ve chosen to put up. Each one has this real sense of previsualisation; no matter whether it’s the slow shutterspeed down the masts or the girls running across the street or this absolutely fabricated version; your vision is very clear and your connection with us as viewers very direct. Thank you for teaching me clarity of purpose!

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