Rugby World Cup

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Oct 232011
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We were not going to bother. Probably that was as a disappointed reaction to the “munted” stadium in Christchurch and the fact that Rugby World Cup has seemed to pass us by.

But we decided to make a weekend of it and to go to the game that was supposed to be played at home. It was outstanding!!!

Auckland was buzzing and I'm sure that it has only got better. The train system was efficient, on time and FREE. The whole downtown area was filled with excited people. The “fan-trail” to the ground was a fun walk.

At Eden Park the atmosphere was electric. Just to hear that many kiwis singing the national anthem was worth the trip. The Maori words sounded out loud and clear from around the park, just as much as the English version did.

And this, and other small groups of Argentine fans, did their very best to make as much noise as 45,000 locals. They must, I'm sure, have known that it really was a lost cause!!!


Nothing really left to say, other than …….. GO THE ALL BLACKS !!!

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  1. This is a well timed emotional shot and story for the blog, Ian. In three point five hours from now we will know the result – I agree ‘GO AB’S’

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