Broken Fence

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Oct 202011
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Which side of the fence are we?

Fences often get the attention of photographers and I guess the main reason is that they have a strong pattern. This one got my attention because it was not strong – the #8 fencing wire had lost its tension and no longer served the purpose it was intended for. But the more relaxed, curving nature of the fence wire was inviting me to cross over to the other side.

Thought: fences are about relationships – one side in relation to the other. Sometimes the separation is good but other times it is detrimental. We need to be aware of when it is good to have boundaries compared with when it is good to go outside those. This image is a reminder for me to be aware of that.

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  2 Responses to “Broken Fence”

  1. I like your thoughts about this picture John, and it got me thinking about the boundaries in relation to self as well as others. Big uninviting brick walls, keeping others out or our insecurities in, or fences like this, inviting crossover, sharing, movement backwards and forwards.

  2. John, I am sure you have been taking your thoughts about fences and barriers and boundaries with you when you have been working recently on the re-start christchurch project – good luck for the rest of this week

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