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Oct 182011
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It is sometimes hard to believe that the ground that we stand on is not a solid thing but rather a thin crust to a boiling mass. The heat and power that lies beneath our feet is beyond comprehension and the power that it contains is immeasurable as all those that have been witness to the devastation in Christchurch have been witness to. The heat and construction of the inner planet has developed and created what we see today. When you look at it, the power to do what we see as a result in the landscape each day is unbelievable and I for one cannot understand the enormity of it.This image was created on a trip to Wai-O-Tapu late last year and for me it goes some way to showing the beauty of the power that lies beneath us. Colours and textures unseen in other than a few places in the planet that hide the destructive power below. It is a special place, a place that you feel at one with the planet, a very spiritual place. I will return………….

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  2 Responses to “Wai-O-Tapu”

  1. Nice colours, I like the simplistic composition of this image.

  2. … and so you will! Glad you have used this – I was delighted with where you took this, away from the representational and into the realms of story.

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