Cross My Heart

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Oct 172011
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a commitment to truth…..

old strong bones… surround the heart… space.

Battered by time …. a little fuzzy around the edges


The truth is in your heart

your heart is a space…..

….what truth is in yours?



Made at Castle Hill on a day when I needed to escape the uncertainty of being in the Canterbury earthquake “Red Zone” it is no surprise that this image was given to me. Struggling to get any true facts out of the government and surrounded by misinformation I went out and made some images. My process is to try and clear my mind and shoot whatever I am drawn towards. The mirror image technique is something I have used before, so my eye sees that way. I see things sideways too. In this case I new I was shooting a heart but was not aware of the message that the image had for me until it came together. Immediately the cross became clear and the relevance to truth , as in “cross my heart” obvious. For me it reminded me of how important truth is to me. Why I felt this frustration of untruths physically in my chest. But also that the only real truths lay in our hearts and that everything else is just interpretation. In looking more I see that the heart is a space, not a solid, perhaps an infinite space. I see that it is surrounded by strong bones that have been chipped away by time. That there are some furry bits, perhaps arteries joining the inner and outer parts? or perhaps some contamination?

For me this is what photography is about , a connection with some higher wisdom.

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  1. Tim, I keep coming back to this image. Your creativity is awesome and obviously you can visualise really well how you are going to work on an image. For some reason I find this image quite disturbing and I am not sure why. Maybe it is the hollowness in the heart area you have created, the cross or even the colours. It is a fantastic image ; and very powerful. Maybe it truly represents the power of the earthquake and your situation and how you are coping. I will share my post earthquake images with you some time – they are very different to yours – we all react in our own way and I think respond way above our normal levels when highly emotional. Well done and well described

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