Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

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Oct 162011
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Last winter I met a group of people who have had a profound impact on how I view myself as a photographer. Out of a workshop run by Tony Bridge at Lake Waikaremoana I found the courage to believe in a voice that had persisted in becoming louder. Tony made a statement that resonated within me. “Your images are postcards you are writing to yourself.” I thought deeply about this over the workshop and in the months that followed. Just what was I writing to myself? Searching for the answer I heard the words that spiralled out of time, “Trust, trust yourself.”

So here I am, fortunate to be part of this group, meeting up again with some of those people from the workshop who made such an impact on me. And where am I exactly, you might ask. I’m exploring a couple of themes. It involves a dance between the head and the heart. The head gets to lead the dance whenever I want to work extensively with an image to reflect where my spiritual thinking, research, reading and discussions have taken me. The heart gets to lead whenever I have a strong feeling to pick up the camera and just take an image, I have no idea what will appear when I open the image in photoshop and I still have no idea where it comes from when it does appear.

Thus the image in this first post belongs to the heart leading the dance. I used a poor quality macro lens, and swung it up over the branches of a walnut tree.

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  1. Pauline I just love this image. Every time I have have logged on to aGathering I have been drawn back to your picture. And every time I have seen something different. Wonderful

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