In The Mist

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Oct 142011
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I passed by these trees every day that I drove to work. And every day I glanced in their direction. There was something about them – perhaps that they stood together but alone in the empty field. The morning light would make them glisten from behind and in the evening there were long graceful shadows.

They drew me to photograph them, but………


About 200 meters behind the trees there is a line of power pylons.

I made this photograph a couple of years ago. It began a series of images that I have been drawn to make of, mainly, lone trees. You will surely see some more here. To photography trees I have found that I need to isolate the tree from its surroundings in order to achieve the “alone” feeling that attracts me. The elements are one wonderful way of achieving that separation.

On the day I made this image I was making pictures nearby for another project in which fog was a component. I suddenly remembered the trees with the power pylons behind them. Like magic the fog had removed the wires from my composition so my trees could speak clearly.

To me one of the delights of photography is that I have learned to notice things like these trees. To find beauty in an ordinary scene is a joy.

As a post script these trees are no more. A developer cut them down for a new subdivision. The power pylons, however, remain.

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  3 Responses to “In The Mist”

  1. The power of photography is here Ian. Carpe Diem

  2. Simple but thought provoking, nice composition.

  3. Ian, I like how you have used high contrast in the lighting but soft edges due to the fog.

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